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About Hilltown Hybrids

Hilltown Hybrids is a small and personal shop, specializing in pre-owned hybrid vehicles. With over 20 years of automotive experience, Jamie Wooldridge feels that hybrids offer the best transportation option on the road today - for value, safety, and for the environment.

Pre-owned hybrids are of course far more cost-effective than new ones - like any other other new car, hybrids drop in value the moment they leave the new-car lot!

Hilltown is your practical and environmentally-conscious choice!

Our inventory is very dynamic, cars sometimes sold the same day they become available. Don't be discouraged! We recommend that you tell us what you're looking for if we don't already have it available. In most cases, we can find just the right car for you, and can give you the benefit of our expert service, advice, and warranty as well.

Hilltown Hybrids is run by Jamie and Roberta Wooldridge. The family moved to Plainfield in 2006, after leaving the chaos of Metro-West and the large urban shop behind. They love living in this active, socially and environmentally aware community, where they feel much more at home.

Hilltown Hybrids
63 S.Central Street
Plainfield, MA
Mon - Fri 8 AM to 4:30 PM

Come and see the Hilltown Difference for yourself!